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How To Connect External Microphone In

How to Connect External Mic in to get High Quality Audio for Clients. Zoom meeting app is very popular among Students and Employees. Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is an American communications technology company. After Covid19 lockdown in almost every country

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 And Galaxy Fold 2 Launch Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold may launch on the 5th of August. Much awaited Samsung galaxy note 20 and Successor of galaxy fold, Samsung galaxy fold 2 may launch on 5th August  2020. The phones are going to launch digitally

Chines Wallpaper OLED TV Skyworth Launch In US | Robofinder

Huge Chinese TV Skyworth comes into the US market. Skyworth, a big Chinese company, is making a splash in 2020. With a history of 31 years, the company is valued at over $19 billion last March and mentioned that it employed

Elon Musk said: No College Degree Is Needed To Do Duty In Tesla | Robofinder

Author: Palak Editor: Jeet Elon Musk said: No college degree is needed to do duty in Tesla. Then what does he look for in an applicant as his worker?  The CEO and founder Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla also the most

‘Invisible Camera’ and Color-Changing Glass | Robofinder

‘Invisible camera’ and color-changing glass, the brand new conception of One Plus! OnePlus declared that it would take an upper hand in the case of CES 2020 to reveal its first-ever concept of the device, named “OnePlus Concept One.” However, this

Space X Mystery A Sighting of UFO near Elon Musk’s Starlink | Robofinder

A beyond belief sighting of UFO near Elon Musk’s Starlink created suspicions among viewers. During the live stream footage of Elon Musk’s latest SpaceX Starlink launch, a strange UFO was spotted which drew everyone’s attention, especially the theorists of conspiracy. Strange

Motorola Has Postponed The Release Of Motorola Razr | Robofinder

Author: PalakEditor: Jeet Motorola has postponed the release of its foldable smartphone  The opening dates for the Motorola Razr pre-orders and deliveries have been postponed by Lenovo. The manufacturer fails to meet demand. The fans of the clamshell smartphone from the

The New Camera Beast : DXOMark Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G | Robofinder

Author: PalakEditor : Jeet DxOMark, a French website known for its camera just released their class for the latest Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G. It is a resembling device to the Mate 30 Pro. However, the only difference between the two

How To Earn Money From Oneplus Bug Bounty Program | Robofinder | OnePlus

Author: PalakEditor: Jeet How To Earn Money From Oneplus Bug Bounty Program ?OnePlus is about to Launch a Bug Bounty Program Soon.A bug bounty program, simply, prevents future breaches. OnePlus declared its second data breach in two years so the makers

Drones Coming In PUBG Mobile | Robofinder | Call Of Duty

Author: PalakEditor: Jeet PUBG Mobile is going to Introduce Drones to prevents Hacks The makers of PUBG Mobile have reduplicated some new updates while adding new features in the earlier months. Just last week we saw the new Rage Gear mode