Huawei Executive Said 4GB RAM Is Enough For Smartphones , What Do You Think ?

While Choosing great smartphone ,we always focus on the unbeatable specs of the device . Now a days there is competition between smartphone manufacturer to give more higher specs from their competitors .we always noticed that  smartphone makers Providing  more and more RAM  to Their Flagship Devices .
In recent days One Plus And Asus Tried to Offer 6 And 8 GB RAM to Their Flagship Devices , Is This Enough ?
In a Post On Weibo An Huawei Executive Lao Shi Says 4GB Of Ram is Enough to Run Smartphone Smoothly, He  also Added that Huawei Devices run better with 4GB  of Ram than a 6GB Model ,He Said That The OS Of Smartphone Is Well Optimized as Efficient as Possible .Also Said Adding More RAM To A Device Only ups Smartphone’s Cost .
In My Opinion More RAM Is Not Necessary to Run Device Smoothly, As We Know that Less Than 1GB Of RAM Apple Smartphones Running Smoothly Without Any Lagging .

So Guys What Do you Think How Much RAM Is Better For Your Device ? And What Is Your Opinion Kindly  Comments Below .

Sources :- Weibo . Via:- Android Authority

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