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Nowadays security is a major concern in Android devices and Computers, Android devices face greater security risks regarding data leak and Privacy.
Many of our phones and computers fall prey to malware and viruses, we do not even know that our phone has been a victim of dangerous problem.
In recent times, there is software available to avoid malware and viruses, but not all are free and not good at all,You have to pay heavy charges for that.
Once I was troubled by myself, whenever I opened a browser on my Mac, in exchange for a site, I used to get redirect to many malicious sites which had a bad experience for me.
When I fully researched about this, I came to know that my brother had unknowingly installed an application called a Mackeeper, after which the application was uninstalled, but the problem persisted.
When I did a lot of research on the solution to the problem, all the Paid versions were found, which I could not do at all.
After finding a lot of information about a free software called Adware, which was later purchased by Malwarebytes,The Malwarebytes is absolutely free and when you install, you get the premium facility on the first 30 days.
I did not have any problem since I installed it on my Mac and now everything is going well. Even I have installed this on my Android phone and it’s awesome.
I personalize this software to all of you personally, you will find this Application On Mac Windows and Android platforms.

Note- Download Link are given Below.

Why Use Malwarebytes?
1.Simple and user-friendly user interfaces and its markets are known to be a quite reliable antivirus brand
2.Provide real-time security to your phone and computer with malicious malware and viruses. is absolutely free.
4.High-level security against ransomware.

Click here to download for Android.
Click here to download for Mac.
Click here to download for Windows.

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