Instagram Launched IGTV App, Challenged Youtube’s dominance

Instagrams IGTV Launched – How To Watch Create and Use long form videos Finally Instagram has launched its new long form video app for anyone who has instagram account to publish the videos. IGTV works on Android and iOS app. 
It is specially built for high quality longer videos of more than 60 seconds. 

 How To Use IGTV 
IGTV doesn’t need any separate login. Login into main instagram app Then select Continue. The IGTV will show videos for you that you’ll like Just scroll the tiles to watch videos. Under Following tab you’ll see the videos of the creators which you are following on Instagram. 
To discover new people there is popular tab which is similar to Explore tab on instagram. When you want to watch any video just remove the tiles and tap on screen to watch it on full screen. 
IGTV is specially created for vertical videos so even if you flip the phone the video be vertical. IGTv creators have the option for posting links and other info. 
Like comment and special emojis are available to post on the video. Sharing the video is same as that of Instagram send direct link or direct message. 
To start your channel just tap on profile picture and click + then start uploading videos.

To Download the App just click link here, IGTV.

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