Alert ! Are You Going To Root Your Android Phone ?

Author- Sourav Aich

Okay, I agree that we want to rule but before to become mastering your Smart-phone by rootingit, you should know these facts seriously.

1.     Rooting means to lose the warranty
Rooting your Android phones causes disclaiming one of the clauses of warranty. Most of the manufacturers will reject any claim of hardware or software and you cannot hide it from them.

2.     You may face Update Issue
Updating is necessary as this relates with performance and gaining access of new features. Sometimes rooted phones may fail to update because of security policy, as the software has already being modified. Another fact is that you may need to root again after the update process is done.

3.     Security Risks
If you fail to manage access requests from the apps you may end up by letting them know about your device. This situation results to a public (developer) access, which many are not concerned with and they may leak data or cause hardware failure. I am not claiming that this happens with all but if the blocking app you are using fails it may ends up like this.
4.     The rooting process is not Idiot-proof
If you don’t have the proper knowledge of rooting just stop before messing it all. I am not making you feel bad but it’s good for you. In this process you may crash your software by rooting it with fake apps or untested apps and from there you can’t comeback, either you will make the device a scrap or end up in the service centre.
It’s my suggestion that just to backup your phone for endless transition or for custom ROM or to automate everything you shouldn’t root your phone because I believe Android is better and in some sector the best. And, if you do, please have a proper good knowledge of rooting and your need of that for future purpose.

Thank you, hope this article will help you and please do comment that why you root your phone and purpose behind it.
  1. Lora

    It's really a helpful guide for me. Hope, now I can easily use the lucky patcher latest application on my rooted device…

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