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Author: Palak
Editor: Jeet

PUBG Mobile is going to Introduce Drones to prevents Hacks

The makers of PUBG Mobile have reduplicated some new updates while adding new features in the earlier months. Just last week we saw the new Rage Gear mode or Death Race mode was added to the game. Not only this, Vincent Wang, the General Manager of Global Publishing at Tencent Games during the PMCO 2019 Finals in Malaysia also confirmed a color bind mode is also to be introduced in the game. According to some leaked gameplay footage, a new upcoming update will bring drones to the popular battle royale game. However, the looks of it are dissimilar to Call of Duty Mobile, in PUBG Mobile the drones are assumed kind of spying tool rather than a mobile hunting machine. It means that you can scout into an area before making a move. What kind of range will these drones have, when it comes to bigger maps like Miramar is in doubt now.

Here is Video from Youtube user Catch.

It must be noted, excluding PUBG Mobile, Tencent Games is also the publisher of Call of Duty Mobile, and of course, a lot of features must have been shared. There are several videos on YouTube previewing new drones in the game of the Chinese version. One of them is here:

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