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How To Earn Money From Oneplus Bug Bounty Program ?

OnePlus is about to Launch a Bug Bounty Program Soon.
A bug bounty program, simply, prevents future breaches. OnePlus declared its second data breach in two years so the makers of the phone guaranteed to launch a bug bounty program till the end of this year for building up security.

Here you can make money thru Oneplus bug Bounty Program, you can check the amount of money below.

About this program on a page, OnePlus announced it will offer rewards according to the following categories:

           • Low : $50-$100
           • Medium : $100-$250
           • High : $250-$750
           • Critical : $750-$1,500
           • Special cases: up to $7,000

However, OnePlus only says that the reward you might get is “determined based on vulnerability severity and actual business impact.” So the criteria for each tier are not clear.

OnePlus announced the platform is bug bounty startup HackerOne. Started as a pilot program this collaboration with HackerOne, where select security researchers will be invited to test against OnePlus’s systems, and it says a public version of the program will launch in 2020.

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