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Elon Musk said: No college degree is needed to do duty in Tesla. Then what does he look for in an applicant as his worker? 

The CEO and founder Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla also the most innovative leader of 2019 as per Forbes, announced that you do not need a college degree to work on his automotive and energy company Tesla, which brings the question that what does Elon Musk look for in potential employees?

Musk tweeted last Sunday, “You still don’t need a college degree to work in Tesla.” When he was asked, “Do you still stand firmly on not requiring college degrees?”

Elon Musk has made clear that he is not interested in a college degree especially after Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did not clear college degrees at all to become who they are now, and this is not the first time he presented his views towards this segment.

According to an interview in 2014, with German publication Auto Bild, Musk had said: “there’s no need even to have a college degree at all, or even high school degree to work in Tesla.” He answered a question on if he contemplated which college a potential Tesla employee studied in before hiring her or him.

• Why does Elon Musk think a college degree is not important?

Elon described in an interview that the marks and degrees do not matter. What matters the most is the capability of work in an individual. He further states that it was not always important that a person who graduated from a great college would be capable of great things.

Although, Elon Musk himself has been a student of the University of Pennsylvania and got undergraduate degrees in physics and economics. Still, he gave the examples of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Oracle founder Larry Ellison to say that even though these people did not graduate from college, it would have been a good idea to hire them rather than the top degree holders without any technical capability.

• What does Elon Musk is looking for in his employees?

“Verification of exceptional ability” is what Musk is looking for in his potential employees rather than any reputable, highly ranked or prestigious college degree. He described that if an applicant has done some really exceptional work earlier, it is highly likely that the person will do so again.
Hence, from the interview candidates, he generally asks the various kinds of difficulties and problems they used to face in their previous jobs and how they went through solving them. It is the problem-solving skill that he puts foremost.

Apart from this he also enquires questions in detail, about the achievements in order to check that the potential employee cannot take credit or bluff for work that someone else had completed. He or she would not be able to answer the questions in such depth if the person is lying.

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