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Huge Chinese TV Skyworth comes into the US market.

Skyworth, a big Chinese company, is making a splash in 2020. With a history of 31 years, the company is valued at over $19 billion last March and mentioned that it employed over 40,000 people worldwide. It sells some cheap TVs in US’s Walmart, and its website counts several televisions, including OLED models, but its CED 2020 declaration is calculated to be the brand’s coming out party. Skyworth’s true ambitions to play alongside LG, Samsung, and Sony for the expensiveness of the US market is highlighted by two new feature-packed models.

Is Skyworth worth it?

Among all, the first is, the new Skyworth TVs is the W81, an OLED “wallpaper” television. Similar to LG’s wallpaper OLED TVs, the display is achingly thin measuring 4.6mm at its slimmest point and can be attached to a wall. Also, a sliding 12-megapixel camera is located on the TV. The unique feature of W81 also provides a 21-inch secondary display that pops up from the main processing and power bar. Skyworth mentioned that its display is proprietary by the Swaiot OS interface and is designed to work together with time, date, and weather. The W81 series can be available in a 65 inch leveled edition as well as 65 inches and 77 inches “Pro ” variations and the secondary screen is only available on the “Pro” versions of the TV.

Using the LG Display’s panels Skyworth is producing the OLED modules. It says its manufacturing the panels for its 65 and 77 inch TVs itself, permitting it to control the whole process from design to manufacturing. Skyworth’s second expensive offering is the Q91, the company’s first TV with 8K resolution. Skyworth commends the image processing of the Q91, saying that things like an AI Image Processing Engine and the ability to transform incoming video to 120 frames per second and 8K resolution. Both the Q91 and W81 support HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The Q91 recruits an IPS based LCD panel. The Q91 has full array dimming with 576 dimming zones, which is another important thing for improving LCD picture quality.

Skyworth TV

The 8K product 75 inch Q91 will sell for $5,999, however, the 65 inch W81 and 65 inch W81 Pro OLED will be retailed for $3,599 and $4,599, respectively. The price for the 77 inch W81 Pro will be declared soon at “a later date”. Both will ship in the US in the month of June.


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