How To Connect External Microphone In

How to Connect External Mic in to get High Quality Audio for Clients.

Zoom meeting app is very popular among Students and Employees. Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is an American communications technology company. After Covid19 lockdown in almost every country around the world, this app and PC Softwares for both Windows and Mac, grabbed the number 1 spot in the Videoconferencing category.

not only Students, this apps also used by various video vloggers and News Companies like NDTV Gadgets and Android Authority to Make Contents for their Audiences. 

while recording videos from Zoom Inc. Clear Audio Matters for their audiences. Question is that how to get crystal clear audio for Zoom Video conferencing app? here one thing you should notice that clear audio means Your Audio which clients are listening from the other side, it means clear audio for them.

Guys my English is not so good but still, I am trying to solve your problems in simple words that everyone can understand.

Before going to start, i would like to recommend Great Quality Mic like Boya or Zoom H1N or Any other Mic which you can connect Via USB to your MAC and Windows.

Another thing you need Collar Mic which you can connect with your Main Mic.

if your mic has TRRS input then you may need TRRS to TRS converter to connect you Collor mic in Audio Recorder device. that depends on Device, sometimes direct TRRS input may support in Audio Recorder Device.

If you have a tight budget and don’t want to buy Mic then you may also buy USB sound card.

Now Follow the Step by Step process to Connect High-Quality Audio Recorder Mic with Video Conferencing App. ( This Process is Only Applicable for MAC and Windows PC ) you may try direct putting Collar mic with Android or IOS 3.5 MM Supported Phones.

Steps to Connect Mic in

  1. Connect Audio recorder USB Mic or Sound Card to your MAC or Windows.
  2. Now put Collar mic Line In inside Sound Card or Audio Recorder Mic. ( if Require use TRRS to TRS Converter in collar clip mic )
  3. Open Software from your PC.
  4. Select New Meeting Option.
  5. Below the left side corner you can find Mic Icon there is also a small Arrow icon there in Same Mic Tab click on that.
  6. Now Select your audio recorder mic device or Sound Card device. from select a Microphone Category.
Select your mic

now you are done to record high-quality audio for your Meeting or Long Distance Interview.

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