Call of Duty New Season 9 Updates | 10vs10

Key Highlights:

  1. Gunsmith: Players can choose from more than a Hundred attachments to customize their Favourite weapons.
  2. Rank series 6 from 8-2020 – 10-2020 with New rank mode Seasonal Rewards like Epic blueprint, epic soldier, And Epic Frame.
  3. Multiplayers update: 10vs10 Game mode in TDM & Domination with Shipment, Takeoff, Meltdown, Crossfire new Maps.
  4. Players now can Acquire their favorite loadout weapons from Airdrops.
  5. New areas added in battle royale: Radar Base, Dormitory, Outpost & Camp.

Hey Call of Duty Mobile Fans, finally CODM released it’s Season 9 with lots of New Features and Changes. Also, they added their Classic Shipment map for Multiplayers. The update size is almost 1.5GB, we recommend you to connect your Device with wifi before going to update the games, to save you Data.

Today we will discuss a lot about Call of Duty Mobile season 9 in this article in short to save your time.

I am quite happy after every update of CODM because I play CODM and it’s my favorite mobile game ever, I rate this game better over PUBG mobile, it’s my personal opinion. let’s discuss a few important updates.

Gunsmith System


Multiplayers are the backbone of Call of duty mobile, There are lots of new features added by them Activision.

Shipment: they added a Classic small map, this is amazing after playing on this. you can feel the actual rush in this Map.

Shipment Map

In this pic below you can find more details of the updates.

What is 10vs10 Match In Call Of Duty Mobile?

10vs10:  Call of Duty Mobile introduced 10vs10 in the featured mode, but this will be available for play on 21-8-2020 for the global version. In this mode, Ten players are on each side to face opponents’ ten players. The team who crossed the limit of 100 Kills will win the match. 

Battle Royale:

With the new Gunsmith system, All weapons in battle royale now perform the same as their Multiplayer versions. Players can Modify and Customize weapons in the Classic match with lots of styles and attachments.

Players also can acquire loadout customized weapons from airdrop, each airdrop allows four players to choose one of their customized weapons from their loadouts. ( One player / Per airdrop ) 

Radar base, Dormitory, Outpost, and Camp are four new areas added in the Classic map.

New Weapons: New battle Royale weapons of all rarities added. the higher the rarity, the more attachments. Attachments cannon be dropped or equipped to another weapon.

Plane Landing: This time you will become a fan of CODM, the brand new Inside view of the plan with teammates sounds like going in real-life wars. The animation on top-notch. I personally love this when Soldiers are introduced inside the plane. 

Inside Plane View

Improvements & Optimizations:

  • Katana’s name and model are updated.
  • Increased death machine long-range damage, slightly increased fire rate, increase spin up time after moving.
  • Decreased gravity spikes area of effects.
  • Increased molotov cocktail damage.
  • Increased war machine’s grenades area of effect. decreased damage of player using war machine, also optimized animation.

These are some key updates by Call of Duty Mobile, Subscribe our blog to read more tech news and gaming news.

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