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From 2017 we’re well acquainted with Neuralink. Elon Musk had fantasized about the view of implanting a computer chip in the human brain allowing for direct interface with computers. It’s a marvelous sight that pictures humans as flesh, blood, bone, and AI hybrids. Amputees could use the interface to control artificial limbs. Non-verbal people could operate communication devices without the need for hands. We could even jam our Spotify playlists directly into our grey matter. Much like human hardware!

Musk showed a version of it as a demonstration last year, however this week, he is going to unveil an astonishing device that is V2. He believes that the demo will include a working device that will demonstrate the capabilities of the system in its current state. The live stream is set above, but you can also watch directly on the Neuralink site.

Musk affirms the procedure will be similar to getting Lasik vision surgery. He also hopes it will become commonplace enough that it can become an upgrade process instead of medical treatment. We will have to just download our new brain firmware to find out what new capacity we have to play with. In simpler words, they’ll dig into your skull and will attach electrodes where there once was only mushy flesh.


What about the Event ?

The event will start at 6:41 p.m. Eastern. Elon said “recruiting” is the primary purpose of the demo. He says the company wants to get talented people working on the team rather than looking for funding. He states that the basic objective of the device is to fix the brain and spine issues.

He is explaining the Utah Array, which needs installation with an air hammer and requires large, external hardware on the outside of the skull. He also mentions deep brain stimulation.

The new device will charge naturally like a Qi device. It doesn’t require an external piece behind the ear. The surgery for the implantation of the device would be on an advanced robot and the procedure would take less than an hour. Elon mentions that a robot is the only way to get the kind of accuracy needed to make this work.

As far as any kind of injury or harm is concerned Musk makes it clear that it will cause zero detectable neural damage when you insert the link. It won’t bleed.

For testing, he even brought three pigs. One never had an anny implant while the other has an implant and the third one used to have an implant.

Musk further states that it’s possible to have multiple links in your head that can work at the same time. Applicants don’t need any experience with brains to apply. Musk clearly expressed that people will be able to summon their Teslas telepathically. The Q&A section of the presentation jumps back and forth with varying questions on Twitter about specific engineering and kind of funny questions about it.

Musk claims that going deeper into the brain, the device could also be able to affect the conditions like depression and addiction. But Delhi is yet very far, isn’t it? For now, he says there are 100 people working on the team, but there could be 10,000 soon

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